Beaches in Alappuzha

While most people coming to Alleppey prefer to rent a houseboat or to stay in the town, some are happy to remain close to the beach. A number of beaches in Alappuzha offer panoramic surroundings, great in the sun for relaxing days. Clean and tidy, these beaches are ideal for families searching for fun and spending time outside, as well as couples wanting to take a break from their worldly lives and stay on the beach for a weekend. Check our selection of the beaches in Alappuzha for the sun and sand this weekend.

Alleppey Beach

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Alleppey Beach is a picturesque beauty for the beach lovers or ‘Alappuzha Bevery in Alleppey! This picturesque beach in Kerala is known for its sweeping beauty and charm and is the ideal place for people to go to Alleppey to enhance the seas. At the shore there is a historic pier that extends right into the sea, around 137 years old. In addition to the ancient lighthouse nearby, it is also a significant attraction. From October to February is the finest season to explore Alappuzha Sands. This is also the season when the magnificent Alappuzha beach festival is hosted to celebrate the New Year. Even yet, with the ambiance and ambiance it possesses, Alappuzha is given the distinctive appealing influence on this great location in all seasons.

Marari Beach

beaches in alappuzha, marari beach

Mararari Beach is an ideal place for a holiday with family or friends, located in the Kerala district of Alappuzha. The Kerala Beach is forever made from golden beaches and cocoon palm trees. On desolate sandy beaches, if you’re looking for solitude, visit here. Marari comes from the fishing village of ‘Mararikulum’ on the Arab Sea coast. Beach enthusiasts revert to the solitude and quietness of this beach. The pace of local life is a revival of holidaying close to the beach of Marari. The big waven is a hazard to swim off Marari Beach, and so it’s advisable to rest on the sand with a book from this part of the Kerala coast.

Andhakaranazhi Beach

beaches in alappuzha, places to visit in kerala, andhakaranazhi beach

Andhakaranazhi Strand is a few of the most attractive tourist sites in Alappuzha. No word fully compliments the unshakable Andhakaranazhi vista in expressing it, Virgin, serene, surreal or breath-taking. The beach lies on the Alleppey – Cochin road, which is strategically equal to the two cities. Some parts of the beach have soft, silky sand while the latter part is covered with medium rocks and pebbles. Sunset hours are the most beautiful when it is shining like a fiancée in the sky: carimson, red, peach, orange and all of its tones. The seashore is regularly monitored by the police. Swimming at this beach isn’t an exciting activity, but you can try to get in for a while.

Thumpoly Beach

beaches in alappuzha, places to visit in kerala, thumpoly beach

Thumpoly Beach is a well known attraction located in Alappuzha facing the huge Arabian Sea. The warm sands of the mountainous palm orchards are flanked by steep cliffs and lend further appeal to it. The peaceful setting and nature, spread by many birds, located on Thumpoly beach. The fishing settlements on the seashore you can also get a glimpse. In addition, Thumpoly is known for its channels into the Arabian Sea. The weather is calm and pleasant with temperatures from 17 to 32 degrees Celsius and is the perfect season to tour Thumpolly Beach November-February. If you are travelling with friends, splash the waters in this fun-filled excursion, and you may take your family along to the wonderful beach and enjoy a picnic. 

Punnapra Beach

beaches in alappuzha, places to visit in kerala, punnapra beach

Punnapra is a hamlet in Kerala’s Alleppey district. Not affected by the beauty of nature, it is not impacted by the hustle and bustle of cities. Because of the attractiveness of Punnapra Beach, tourists who want a quiet time in the heated city noises never fail to love it. It is an isolated beach and also a suitable tourist resort. It’s an enormous fishing port. There are so many boats on the coast and the tides are high. It’s famed for its beaches, the town of Punnapra. Punnapra Beach is a renowned and obligatory area in Alleppey and has the name of the hamlet. During the winter, October through February, is the greatest time to visit. The weather becomes intolerable between July and early September and can obstruct the pleasure of the journey. There is no lifeguard there because the place is not very safe for swimming.

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