Waterfalls in Wayanad

The waterfalls in Wayanad are particularly known for their amazing beauty among tourists. You can hear their rushing water collapse across the hills or maybe enjoy their peaceful mist once in a lifetime. Here’s a quick overview of some of Wayanad’s most beautiful waterfalls, which offer an overview of the downrush and make you feel like you were carried to the apex.

Meenmutty Waterfalls

waterfalls in Wayanad, meenmutty waterfalls

Meenmutty Waterfalls is Kerala’s second highest waterfall, falling from a height of 984 feet. The fall is located in Chitragiri, on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu boundary, in the lush green Mepadi forest range, which is part of the South Wayanad forest division. The waterfall is broken into three sections, each of which is 300 feet long. During the monsoon season, water streams attain a ferocious power. Meenmutty waterfalls, like other waterfalls in the area, provide a beautiful backdrop for hikers. Because the waterfall is usually closed, it’s best to check with the authorities about the timetable before visiting this popular spot. While the lush vegetation slowly washes away all that ails your soul and the roaring water soothes your senses, you feel at ease. On the Ooty road in Wayanad, there is a masterpiece.

Soochipara Falls

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Soochipara Falls (Sentinel Rock Waterfalls) is one of the most beautiful spots in Wayanad’s outskirts. The milky white stream of water moving past rugged cliffs and clinging trees on its way to the rivers is a sight to behold. The Chaliyar River is joined by the cascade towards the end. Tourists must trek for about 30 minutes in a downward slope to reach the main pool, where thrilling activities such as swimming, bathing, and other recreational activities occur on occasion. Sentinel Rock, also known as Soochipara Waterfalls, is located near Kalpetta, on an off-the-beaten-path from Wayanad, and is a spot where both the hike and the scenery are surreal. To reach the summit, visitors must drive over tight terrain and walk along a naturally rocky trail. They never, however, express dissatisfaction with the finished result. Remember to stop by this natural wonder on the Kozhikode – Vythiri – Gudallur Highway the next time you’re around Wayanad.

Kanthanpara Waterfalls

waterfalls in Wayanad, places to visit in kerala, kanthanpara waterfalls

The waterfall is great for people seeking a peaceful and idyllic experience in solitude. Nearby are the well-known Meenmutti and Soochippara waterfalls in Wayanad. The greatest time to visit is during the monsoon season, when the water gushes down in torrents. The cold, sparkling waters of this lesser-known site are sure to soothe anyone looking to relax in a peaceful setting. It’s worth spending a day picnicking in the tranquil embrace of nature, surrounded on all sides by lush foliage.

Chethalayam Waterfalls

waterfalls in Wayanad, places to visit in kerala, chethalayam waterfalls

Chethalayam Falls, Kerala’s tiniest but most intriguing waterfall, is located in the lush rainforests of Wayanad, a popular hill region. It is one of Kerala’s smaller waterfalls, although it is a popular tourist destination, particularly among trekkers. The thick foliage that surrounds the streams is what makes this waterfall so intriguing. Enjoy the region’s flora and fauna, and keep an eye out for the birds that nest in the trees that hang to the waterfall. During the summer months, the water stream dries out and becomes a fantastic field for trekkers, hikers, and mountain climbers.During the monsoon season, however, the waterfall resurfaces. It’s a fun spot to unwind and let your senses take up the scenery.

Palchuram Waterfalls

waterfalls in Wayanad, places to visit in kerala, palchuram waterfalls

Palchuram is a beautiful waterfall located on the Thalassery-Mananthavadi route. This waterfall may be found near Boise Town on the road to Kottiyoor. Though the falls are close to Wayanad, they are in the Kannur district. This spectacular waterfall is reached after a short off-road drive and an almost 1-kilometer hike through the bush. Even in the scorching light, this forest walk is dark. What makes the Palchuram waterfall so popular is that cooling yourself with the foamy lump of water that falls from the top is not unsafe. The vast pond below, as well as the water cascading from above, is a beautiful site to see and explore.

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