Waterfalls and dams in Thrissur

The cultural capital of Kerala, India, is better known as Thrissur. Thrissur has a wonderful atmosphere, rich cultural, religious temples and some of the beautiful, original historical buildings. Dams and waterfalls in Thrissur together with some of the noteworthy spots to visit in the city, that make you surprise with its charm and relaxing music as you cascad from the hill top or mountains.

Athirappilly Waterfalls

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The Athirapally Waterfalls are 1000 feet above sea level and are located on the Chalakudy River in Kerala’s Thrissur district. The majestic waterfalls, one of Kerala’s most well-known tourist attractions, are a sight to behold. This is Kerala’s largest waterfall. Athirapally Falls is an 80-foot waterfall that cascades down along multiple parallel streams. The waterfalls resemble Niagara Falls in their full force during the monsoon season. This double waterfall, which is located on the edge of the Sholayar hills and is elegantly interlaced with lush green forest cover and sizzling cascades, is a prominent tourist destination in Trichur District. This is one of several beautiful waterfalls in Kerala that contribute to the local tourism sector.

Charpa Falls

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Charpa Waterfalls is a tourist attraction in Kerala that is only 1 kilometre from the main city of Thrissur. It is suitable for a short visit. The River Chalakuddy, which rushes fast and along the highway, is the source of this lovely waterfall. The Charpa Falls, located almost 60 kilometres from Thrissur, is particularly beautiful during the monsoon season. The surroundings become extremely gorgeous and captivating when the moist clouds hover above the waterfalls. Monsoons and early winter are the best times to visit the falls. The falls grow desolate as the river dries up over the summer. Tourists can see water flowing from the Charpa falls between July and November; however, as the winter progresses, the volume of water decreases.

Vazhachal Falls

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Vazhachal falls is 5 kilometres apart from Athirappally waterfall. The Chalakudy river flows through the Vazhachal forests, and the waterfall in Thrissur is part of it. Expect to see water flowing or cascading in one or several exact steps at Vazhachal. People come here to experience a more horizontal fall. The best time to see the Vazhachal falls is after the monsoon season has ended, between September and February. The Vazhachal Falls are roughly 68 kilometres from the nearest city, Thrissur. From Thrissur, it takes roughly 80 minutes to reach the Athirapilly falls. Vazhachal falls are only a short drive from Athirapilly falls.

Marottichal Waterfalls

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Marottichal, a peaceful village in the Thrissur district, lies around 15 kilometres from the city of Thrissur. The steep forest of Marottichal will be filled of several waterfalls throughout the monsoon season, making it a popular monsoon getaway. A stunning location that has yet to be discovered by eco-tourism. The primary attractions, Olakkayam and Ilanjippara, are a site for trekking through the forest and two waterfalls. A one-hour hike will get you to the summit of the hill. Several streams of water can be found throughout the walk. A big waterfall may be seen at the top of the hill, roughly 2 kilometres from the Marottichal bus station. At the peak of the waterfall, there are various forks. It will be a tremendous delight to walk through the cool shade of the forest.

Peechi Dam

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The Peechi Dam has now become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thrissur. This location not only provides irrigation water to adjacent towns, but it also compensates for the city’s lack of drinking water. Peechi Dam is a well-known site, and travellers flock here for the great picnic spots for people of all ages. A botanical garden, a watchtower, and a children’s play area are all included. The best time to see the Peechi Dam is probably during the Fountain Show, which runs from 6:30 to 6:45 p.m. On all Sundays and the second Saturday of each month, the Fountain show is performed. The visitor must pay a minimal entry fee to see the dam, which varies depending on their age group, such as INR 20 for adults and INR 10 for children aged 5 to 12.

Chimmini Dam

dams in thrissur, chimmini dam, places to visit in kerala

Chimmony Dam (also known as Chimmini Dam) is a scenic dam built across Chimmony Puzha, 36 kilometres from Thrissur. Near Varandarappilly town, at Echippara village (2 km). The Chimmony or Chimmini Dam is located on the Chimmoni River and is surrounded by the beautiful grandeur of the South Western Ghats as well as the Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary. Your rusty soul will find peace in being surrounded by such natural beauty. The Chimmony Dam provided drinking water and formed a reservoir for the nearby settlements. Chimmony Dam, located on the Nelliyampathy slopes of the Western Ghats, is a destination of enormous natural beauty. The reservoir also offers boating opportunities.

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