Waterfalls and rivers in Malappuram

Bharathapuzha River

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The Bharata River, also known as Nila or the Bharathapuzha River, is a west-flowing river in Kerala that is the state’s second longest river. The river has always been an important aspect of life in Malabar’s southern areas. The name Nila was given to the river to emphasise its significance as more than just a river, as the river is mentioned multiple times in ancient Hindu scriptures. The river comes down from the Western Ghats’ Anamalai highlands, meandering through three districts: Malappuram, Palakkad, and Thrissur, before emptying into the Arabian Sea in the village of Ponnani.

Keralamkundu Waterfalls

backwaters in Malappuram, keralamkundu waterfalls

A basin at the base of a waterfall where visitors can take a dip in the pond is something that everyone wishes to see. Keralam Kundu Waterfalls are unquestionably the best of all Malappuram Tourist Attractions, which is why visitors continue to flock here for a taste of the mysterious. Water falls from a height of 150 feet into a large natural pool, creating a spectacular spectacle. Around these falls on the mountains, there are many plants and shrubs that add to the magnificent scenery. The waters of this fall are said to have medical powers and are said to have a relaxing effect on individuals who bath here. Overall, whether you’re here to take in the scenery or relax in the pool, it’ll be an unforgettable experience.

Biyyam Kayal

backwaters in Malappuram, places to visit in kerala, Biyyam kayal

Backwater lakes have been developed inland in the Malappuram region, and one of the most notable is the Biyyam Kayal. Located near Ponnani in the Malappuram district, the land has lately been upgraded to become an adventure zone. Local governments have established facilities for a variety of adventure and water sports, such as speedboat excursions and water scooter rides. Apart from these, there are a number of rest homes along the lake’s edge that are popular with residents during Onam.

Chaliyar river

backwaters in malappuram, places to visit in kerala, chaliyar river

After the Periyar, Baharatapuzha, and Pamba Rivers, the Chaliyar River is the fourth largest river in Kerala. This river is also known as the Beypore River since it flows into an estuary known as Chaliyam on the south and Beypore on the north. Nilambur, Edavanna, Areekode, Cheruvadi, Mavoor, Peruvyal, Feroke, and Beypore are among the villages and towns that fall within its path. It’s a sight that can help you relax. The snapshot of the month captures a magnificent scene in Malappuram, with the calm waters of River Chaliyar. The river flows by the side of an island full of coconut trees, bathed in moonlight, giving the entire scene an ethereal charm.

Kadalundi river

backwaters in malappuram, places to visit in kerala, kadalundi river

The Kadalundi River is one of the four major rivers that flow through Malappuram district in Kerala, India. This 110-kilometer-long rain-fed river is one of the district’s most important waterways. The Veliyar River and the Olipuzha River meet to form this body of water. The Kadalundi River rises in the Western Ghats at the western edge of the Silent Valley and runs through Malappuram district. Olipuzha and Veliyar are its two main tributaries. The Kadalundi River has a length of 120 km and drains an area of 1274 km2. The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is located near the mouth of the Kadalundipuzha River, which drains into the Arabian Sea. There are approximately a hundred local bird species and over 60 migratory bird species that visit in great numbers each year.

Adyanpara waterfalls

backwaters in malappuram, places to visit in kerala, adyanpara waterfalls

This gurgling waterfall is located in the Kurmbalangodu hamlet of Nilambur town, and it cascades down from a height of 300 feet. Adyanpara Waterfalls, nestled among lush and evergreen greenery, is regarded as one of Kerala’s most scenic sites to visit and is frequented by a huge number of travellers on their Kerala vacation. The waterfall is surrounded by beautiful green woodlands, which are home to a variety of exotic avifauna and migratory birds that visit the area throughout the year. Adyanpara Falls is a great place to go swimming and hiking. The water itself is clear and pure, and it has been said to have medical capabilities.

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