Spiritual Place in Kollam

In the Kollam district, there are numerous pilgrim centres. In the Kollam district, the major religions are Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. The holy plethora Kollam has a peculiar influence on devotees who visit it in search of divine happiness and redemption. God blesses one who gives himself to Him completely and without reservation. Some of the pilgrims in Kollam are here. 

Rameshwara Temple

pilgrims in Kollam, rameshwara temple

The most popular pilgrims in Kollam at Rameshwaram, which is a small island connected to the mainland via Pamban Bridge, is Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple. It is, without a question, the most significant aspect of a Rameshwaram visit. This temple is a superb example of building brilliance, known for its elaborate works, majestic towers, and corridors. Almost every Hindu devotee pays a visit to this very important temple, which is one of India’s 12 jyotirlingas. This temple features 22 theerthams, which devotees are said to bathe in to atone for their sins. Even in Hindu religion’s holy scriptures, Sri Ramanathaswamy temple is held in great respect. It is linked to Lord Rama and his victorious rescue of Goddess Sita after murdering demon Ravana, as it was here that Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva on their route back to Ayodhya.

Anandavalleeswaram Temple

pilgrims in kollam, anandavalleeswaram temple

South India is home to many auspicious temples and religions, including the Anandavalleswaram temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This temple, which is over 1100 years old and is located in the centre of Kollam district, is well-known among travellers. The temple’s principal deities are Lord Shiva and Goddess Anandavally. The sreekovil [sanctum sanctorum] is unusual in that it is India’s sole Hindu shrine with idols of Sree Krishna, Lord Vishnu, Bhoomi Devi [Goddess Earth], and Lakshmi Devi consecrated and erected beneath one roof.

Infant Jesus Cathedral

pilgrims in kollam, infant jesus cathedral

Another tourist attraction is the old Roman Catholic church built by the Portuguese in the city of Kollam. This majestic church boasts captivating interiors, a sprawling compound, and exquisitely painted glass windows depicting Jesus’ life. One of the glass window murals depicting Christ seated in the lotus position and meditating is the church’s primary attraction. A traveler’s visit to this Roman Catholic church is made worthwhile by the church’s calm abundance in addition to its panoramic beauty.

Pullichira Church

pilgrims in kollam, pullichira church

Pullichira Church is a popular pilgrimage place in Kerala’s Mayyanad district. It is an old Diocese of Kollam, located 12 kilometres from Kollam. Built in the 16th century, this church is located near the Pullichira Lake. The Portuguese erected the first edifice of this pilgrimage destination. The building of this magnificence was renovated in 1974. Pullichira Church is well-known for the feasts that are held here. It comprises the Feast of St. Sebastian (January), the Feast of Lourdes (February), the Feast of St. Joseph (March), the Feast of St. Antony (June), the Carmelite Matha Feast (September), and the Feast of Fatima (October) (October). The months of January, February, March, June, September, and October are the finest times to visit this chapel. This is the time of year when large-scale feasts are held and alms are distributed to the poor. Visiting in December is also a good idea because one may see the Christmas celebrations.

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