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Vismaya Water Park

Kannur water park, places to visit in kerala

Vismaya Water Theme Park, located in the Kannur district’s Parassinikadavu town, is notable for its pools and splash rides. It is most enjoyable water park in Kannur. The theme park has a prayer hall, conference hall, restaurants, and stores, among other things, in addition to being a source of fun and entertainment for visitors. Vismaya water theme park, which is equipped with slides, waterfalls, pools, and other attractions, delivers an engrossing experience that makes your entire day worth every penny you spend. Their dorms, restaurant, wedding hall, and conference room are all excellent reasons to hold an event or even a birthday party there. The park is also environmentally friendly, as it has a rainwater collection system. 

Sadhoo Merry Kingdom

Kannur water park

Sadhoo Merry Kingdom is one of Kerala’s best water parks, located in the hills of Chala in the Kannur district. It has over 25 rides, including water slides and adventure rides. Apart from that, it is one of Kerala’s top water theme parks, with swimming pools, showers, and fun rides. Along with that, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of Sadhoo Merry Kingdom’s top amenities, such as restaurants, shopping, video games, and pool parties. Nonetheless, one may plan a great day at this water park, taking advantage of the cool surroundings and entertaining environment to cool off during the scorching summer days. 

V-Pra Kaayal Floating Park

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V-Pra Kaayal Floating Park / V-Pra Park is a lovely water park built on top of Vayalapra Kaayal. V-Pra Park is a lovely area to spend time with your family and children in Kannur district. You travel through roads that run next to the river and are illuminated by solar lights on two sides before beginning to stroll along a path built on top of the river. Pedal boating, kayaking, group boating, party boating, kids water ride, gaming, and a food court with a variety of foods are just a few of the activities available.

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