Parks in Kozhikode to Visit

PVR Water Theme Park.

parks in kozhikode, places to visit in kerala

PeeVeeaaR Water Theme Park is a hill view park in Kozhikode and magical oasis full of wonder. Let your worries float away in the theme park’s waters. Well! You may see the full city of Calicut in a thumbnail view. There are over 15 magnificent rides, as well as other adventures and dives. In the midst of all the fun and excitement, the unique experience of a variety of water rides, boating, slide, swing ride, pendulum, pirate ship, and many other activities will add to your excitements and make your memories last a lifetime.

Lion's Park

parks in kozhikode, lions park, places to visit in kerala with friends

Calicut’s Lion’s Park is an excellent site for a fun outing with friends or family. Many people come to see the site because of its historical significance in trade and its physical features. It is best park in Kozhikode for children. You can enjoy the calm and serene seashore because the park is close to the water. At the children’s theme park and amusement park, kids may have a good time. It’s very adjacent to the iconic lighthouse, which has a mariners’ memorial and a saltwater aquarium. To add to the fun, there are a variety of cookery stations, thrilling tours, and outdoor activities. The Lion’s Park at Calicut’s seaside garden is well known for its spectacular sunset views.

snow fantasy calicut

parks in kozhikode, snow fantasy, places to visit in kerala

One of the main attractions of Kozhikode is the Snow Fantasy. In Hilite Mall, there is a charming winter town. The park uses real snow to give you a more wonderful experience. Try snowboarding and skiing with your family for a fun day out. You can even build a snowman and play with it while sliding and gliding down the snowy mountains. Snow Fantasy Park is Kerala’s first park of its sort, dedicated to providing visitors with captivating and unforgettable experiences. This indoor park features a family snow slide, laser show, kids slides, snowfall, kiddy rides, sleigh rides, snow restaurant, DJ, and hanging bridges, among other things.

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