Kozhikode – The center of Malabar

Kozhikode, a town in Northern Kerala, is a fantastic tourist destination, famous for its beaches, and historical significance, with its welcome seaside resorts, clear water and countless sites to explore. This city provides travellers everything they want to do on a holiday, including beaches and museums, temples, cathedrals, wildlife, sculptures, parks and rivers. The welcoming warmth of local people is the optical cherry. In 1498 Vasco De Gama went to India from this town and is known throughout the world as the centre of Malabar. With its spices, the city attracts traders from over the world. Here some of the best tourist places in Kozhikode

Sweet Street

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SM Street is one of Kerala’s most prominent and historical areas of commerce. It is located in northern Kerala in Kozhikode or in Calicut Town. This is one of Calicut’s major shopping lanes. The region, especially at night, is always packed. In this street there’s a lot of famous bakeries. Before that street Kozhikkodan Halwa or Sweet Meat had been known (In English). Now, for a few days, you may buy everything like Kozhikkodan Halwa, chips for bananas or other candy, clothes, footwear, bracelets, utensils etc. The Europeans have this term, he Street. In the past, Kozhikkodan Halwa was filled with the street. The people of Europe called Halwa a sweet meat. So it was Street Sweet Meet Street or SM Street that they named. ‘Huzoor Road’ was the previous name of SM street.

Thikkoti Light House

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In the area next to the Thikkoti Lighthouse, beautiful green coconut and palm groves with on one side Velliyamkly Rock and on the other side blue sea are drenched into natural beauty. It was constructed over a shipwreck, whose bones are still visible. People like to visit this place because of its natural beauty and for migratory birds, who continue to visit it mostly in winter. The Thikkoti Lighhouse is certainly one of the old Kozhikode’s best vestiges since it was founded on the ruins of a shipwreck that collided close to the rocky bank of Payyoli beach. The building was created. It was constructed after a shipwreck, which still remains can be seen. The transit home of migrating birds is the region around the Velliyamkallu rock.


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Beypore serves traders all over the world like a shipbuilding paradise for more than 1500 years. Today, the history is widely used as a means of fostering commerce between Kerala and the world, thanks to the expertise in shipbuilding in this city. Beypore stands proud as a craftsman’s paradise, a spot where the old characteristic of naval construction still has been meticulously cultivated, among the sites in Kozhikode that Arabs, Chinese and Europeans frequented. This picturesque village never bore you; its traditions are deeply knit into its fabrics and everyone who decide to travel can experience it.

HiLite Mall

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HiLite Mall is North Kerala’s biggest centre. The vast shopping complex is the second largest in the State, and one of the largest malls in the country (130,000 m2). In addition to various restaurants such as Dominos, McDonald’s and KFC, the Arcade has more than 200 shopping establishments including Woodland, Louis Philippe, The Body Shop, Nike, Pantaloons, Puma, Reebok and Mango etc. Among the several facilities available through this mall, the most important are multi-stage car parking, a priest’s hall, a childcare area, a call doctor, a car wash and a defibrillator. The large play area in the premises is the main attraction among the children. There are several bowlers, rattling cars, gloomy houses and video games in the region. The HiLite Mall is presently designed for a new eight-set multiplex, flaunting an embedded place for meals.

Mananchira Square

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Mananchira Square is a popular tourist destination in An artificial stream, open-air theatre, and musical theatre can be found at Kozhikode, which is noted for its gorgeous surroundings and pleasant atmosphere. It lies in the heart of the town of Kozhikod and is surrounded by the Mananchira Tank, supplied by a natural spring when the former Kingdom ruled. This peaceful place is the place for tourists in the heart of the careful landscapes of the park, surrounded by plants and trees. Mananchira Square was named after Mananchira Lake, which was built by people and was located in the city core.

Sargaalaya Kerala Arts

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Sargaalaya, the Kerala Arts and Crafts Village, is a project of the Kerala Government’s Department of Tourism at Iringal. It is a unique location where you can not only purchase a product made by Kerala’s traditional artisans, but also learn one or two lessons in the finer points of craftsmanship. Sargaalaya was conceived as a tourism attraction and planned and operated under the Responsible Tourism paradigm. The objects on show are made from a variety of raw materials, ranging from less cost natural choices to sophisticated metals. Banana fibre, coir, bamboo, sand, coconut shells, husk, palm leaves, coconut leaves, are among the materials used in the creation of artifices. Sargaalaya’s Crafts Design and Technology Development Centre provides instruction for craftsmen in the most up-to-date production processes while also encouraging innovation in the traditional system. Sargaalaya also allows visitors to appreciate classical and folk art forms from Kerala, depending on their preferences. The Moorad River offers guests the opportunity to go boating. Kunjali Marakkar Museum, Kolavipalam Turtle Hatchery, and Vadakara Sandbanks will soon be connected by a tourism circuit.

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