Pilgrim center in Kannur

Kannur, in God’s land of Kerala, is known for its numerous places of worship. Kerala is famous for its lush green forests, verdant meadows, and backwaters. Kannur, on the other hand, is a magnificent city, known as Cannanore during British administration, where pilgrims from all over the world flocked to seek spiritual enlightenment. Here some pilgrims in Kannur.

Trichambaram Temple

trichambaram temple, pilgrims in Kannur

The Trichambaram temple is located 20 kilometres from Kannur in Taliparamba. Because Lord Krishna is the deity, the temple is a popular pilgrimage destination for Vaishnavites. It is thought to have been constructed in the 10th century. The two-story sanctum sanctorum houses Krishna’s triumphal idol following the defeat of Kamsa, the demon king. The sanctum sanctorum’s walls are adorned with old sculptures and murals. The temple’s yearly festival lasts fourteen days and takes place in the Malayalam months of Kumbham and Meenam (March). The celebration kicks off on Kumbham 22nd with a ceremonial flag hoisting (kodiyettam) and concludes on Meenam 6th with the Koodipirial ceremony. The ceremonial art of Thidampu nritham is performed in front of the temple throughout the festival days.

Muthappan Temple

muthappan temple, places to visit in kerala, pilgrims in Kannur

Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan Temple, a historic temple near Kannur, is known for its unusual ceremonies and traditions. In addition, the temple’s unusual architecture impresses worshipers and pilgrims. Sri Muthappan is the presiding deity of this temple, which is located on the beautiful banks of the River in Valapatnam (Lord Shiva). A bow and arrow are carried by the idol. Many devotees of all faiths, castes, and creeds come to this pilgrim destination to pray to the goddess. The traditional art form of Theyyam is performed as a ritual every day at this ancient shrine, which is a unique attribute. This temple is open to pilgrims who want to admire this art. The temple is particularly known for Theyyam, a daily ritual art that is done here.

Peralassery Subrahmanya Temple

peralassery sri subramanya temple, places to visit in kerala, pilgrims in Kannur

This is a historic Lord Subramanya temple in Kerala’s Kannur district. It is known for its unrivalled architectural magnificence and is a must-see for art enthusiasts. The temple pond is a spectacular sight because it is built in the shape of a well with numerous steps leading down into it. According to legend, in the Treta Yuga, Lord Rama consecrated the Subramanya idol in the temple (the second of four yugas or ages of humankind). The temple had formerly been devoted to Lord Ayyappa. For many believers, the temple pond is a source of amazement, and taking a dip is regarded sacrosanct. The construction of this rectangular pond is stunning, with numerous steps leading into the pool from all four corners. According to local legend, water from the Cauvery will reach the well of the temple pond on the day of Thulam Sankramam. This temple is a must-see location because of its architectural splendour and tales.

Sundareswara Temple

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The Sundareswara temple is one of Kannur’s most well-known tourist attractions. For Lord Shiva followers, the temple is regarded as one of the most important pilgrimage sites. Sundareswara, the God of Beauty, is Shiva’s manifestation here. The temple’s name, Sundareswara, was chosen to remind visitors that “everyone is lovely” and that they should look for it in everything. This majestic temple was built in 1916 and is known as one of the largest in the Kannur region. Its grandeur and majesty cannot be conveyed in words. Sri Chaithanyaall Swami, a renowned artist and devoted Shiva devotee, created and embellished the inside of this beautiful temple.

Moonu Pettumma Palli

pilgrims in Kannur, places to visit in kerala, moonu pettumma palli

Moonnu Pettumma Palli, also known as “Kattile Palli,” is a well-known North Malabar mosque. People of various faiths attend the annual event known as “Kattile Palli Nercha.” As a result, the mosque is hailed as a symbol of the country’s religious plurality. The mosque is an enticing tourist site for everyone impressed by the religious concord of the people of Kerala, not merely because of the mythology linked with the shrine, but also because of its all-inclusive nature.

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