Kasaragod – The Land of Gods

Kasaragod, Kerala’s northernmost district, is known for its hills, forts, and water bodies. The coir and handloom industries are well-known around the world. The area is also known for its historic temples and diverse wildlife. It is also a significant border district that handles commerce with a number of neighbouring countries. On a visit Kasaragod tourist places, legends about the district greet you at every turn. A vacation to this region would be completed without a visit to Bekal Fort, South India’s most majestic and well-maintained fort.

Bekal Fort

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Bekal Fort, which was built almost 300 years ago, is one of Kerala’s largest and best-preserved forts. During Tipu Sultan’s effort to seize Malabar, Bekal Fort was an important military base for his troops. It is one of Kerala’s best-preserved forts, bordered by a beautiful beach. From the observation towers of the state’s largest fort, visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the Arabian Sea. Bekal Fort features an excellent laterite circular construction that rises over 130 feet above sea level. It sits on a 35-acre headland that juts out into the Arabian Sea. The Bekal Fort’s great architecture, lit seashore, and lovely walkway make it a popular tourist destination.


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The backwaters of God’s own nation are a symbol of a relaxing and fascinating vacation. This is the place to go if you want to be alone and enjoy the beauty of nature. For your dosage of water sports fun, this coastal island also offers the Bekal hole aqua park…. View more

Mallikarjuna Temple

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Kasaragod is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India, and it is renowned as the hub of Lord Shiva’s calm temples. The worshippers of this temple, which is located in the heart of Kasaragod city, pray to Lord Shiva every day. This temple, built by the Iyer Kings, is open to the public to visit and see the holy idol of Lord Shiva. The temple not only has wonderful murals on its walls, but it is also a beautiful piece of architecture. view more

Malom Wildlife Sanctuary

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One of Kasaragod’s hidden attractions is this animal refuge. Exotic vegetation and fauna can be found in the sanctuary’s lush green slopes. Tourists who want to see Molam’s diverse wildlife, including elephants, bison, tigers, deer, and more, will find this sanctuary to be a wonderful site to visit. This site is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 200 species of birds. view more


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With wonderfully carved mosques and temples, this historic site portrays harmony in variety. This location has an odd lyrical feel, as well as a beach set that looks to be a swimming pool, which attracts a large number of tourists. Aside from that, you may eat the famed cashew nuts here, and it is certainly one of Kasargod’s most outstanding tourist attractions. This lovely coastal town is located on the northern tip of Kerala, and it is from here that one can begin a journey of God’s own land.

Anandashram and Nityanandasramam

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Swami Ramadas founded Anandashram Ashram near Kanhangad Railway Station in the year 1939. The ashram is surrounded by a thicket of groves, among which there are several interesting structures. The slope on the ashram’s east side is an excellent spot for meditation. Swami Nityananada also built the Nityanandasramam, which is a prominent ashram. The ashram is made up of 45 caves carved out of the mountainside. A temple near the ashram has a similar style of architecture to Gujarat’s Somanatha Temple. The temple’s most remarkable feature is its beautiful Panchaloha idol of Swami Nityananda.


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This location is considered a healing retreat and is a prominent town in the Kasaragod district. This place is a one-stop shop because it has its own set of backwater stretches, a beach, and a hermitage that hasn’t yet been wrecked by tourism. A houseboat tour and cruise for a few days is also an option. Nature’s set up has marked its presence in the top tourist locations in Kasaragod as a small holiday destination in its own right. A fantastic location for those interested in learning about Kerala’s rich culture and traditions as well as seeing historical architectural treasures.


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In the Kasaragod district, the Ranipuram hills are a popular tourist destination. Madathumala, as it was originally named, shares its borders with Karnataka. Ranipuram Hills, often known as the “Ooty of Kerala,” is known for its cold environment, dense forests, and exciting trekking trails. The lush pastures, dense evergreen trees, and cool wind make the Ranipuram hills an instant hit with visitors. Another noteworthy feature of the area is the elephant tunnel. Elephants walk freely in their natural habitat, which visitors can view. For nature lovers, the remote wilderness, the rare evergreen shola woodlands, and the breathtaking meadows will be a very gratifying experience.

Kanjan Junga

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Kanjan Junga, one of Kasaragod’s most popular tourist attractions, is located 16 kilometres east of the city. P.S. Pununchithaya, a well-known artist from the west coast, founded this lovely artists’ colony. Visitors may watch artists at work and purchase handcrafted products.

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