Wildlife Sanctuary in Kasaragod

Kasargode’s district is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, which is protected at Kasargod’s natural reserves. These wildlife preserves are visited by a huge number of naturalists each year. The following are some of the most well-known wildlife sanctuary in Kasaragod:

Ranipuram Wildlife sanctuary

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Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary, located on the Kerala-Karnataka border, is a collection of grassy hills and a bio-diversity hotspot near Panathady town. The Kanhangad-Panathur state highway connects the wildlife sanctuary to Kanhangad. Kanhangad’s proposed wildlife sanctuary contains a diverse range of flora and fauna found only in the Western Ghats. This biodiversity hotspot is still mostly undiscovered, and there is much to learn about it. It connects to the Talacauvery nature refuge. Elephants, leopards, deer, wild dogs, wild boars, macaques, jungle cats, leopard cats, slender loris, porcupines, malabar giant squirrels, malabar civet cat, many species of birds, unusual butterflies, and medicinal plants all call this place home.

Kammadam sacred grove wildlife sanctuary

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The Kammadam Sacred Grove Wildlife Sanctuary is a remarkable mixture of spirituality and natural beauty. This location, which is rich in flora and fauna, is also connected to Bhagavathi Temple. In fact, it is thought to be Kerala’s largest sacred plantation. Animals such as the fox, snake, bat, monitor lizard, and civet can be seen among the evergreen forests, medicinal plants, bushes, and orchids. Birds and butterflies of diverse species can also be seen at the refuge.

Malom Wildlife Sanctuary

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This sanctuary is home to animals such as elephants, tigers, bison, deers, and over 200 types of colourful birds, if bird watching is your thing. You might get a glimpse of the Cobra and python if you’re lucky. Some uncommon herbs and other therapeutic plants can be found in the flora. Go exploring the wilderness with enough time on your hands, as this land offers a lot of untapped yet to be discovered in-house areas among Kasaragod’s tourist attractions.

Parappa wildlife sanctuary

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A haven for nature enthusiasts and a high-ranking tourist attraction in Kasaragod. It is home to several lesser-known animals such as the sluggish turtle, prickly porcupine, Malabar hornbill, Slender loris, and the adorable wild jungle cat. If you enjoy being in the wilderness, this is a must-see location for wildlife photography. Hike around the sanctuary and look for unique animals.

Kareem’s Forest park

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The Kerala Kareem Forest Park’s only man-made forest has 32 acres of land. Puliyamkulam, near Parappa, is 23 kilometres east of Kanhangad town, where the park is located. Kareem, a Kasaragod native, is the driving force behind this fantastic ecological initiative. The forest park, which is located in Parappa near Nileshwar, is a shining example of forest preservation. Kareem’s forest park, like any other natural forest, is densely forested with a diverse range of plants and bushes. It also serves as a haven for numerous bird species, tiny wild animals, and medicinal plants. People from all walks of life, including environmentalists, scientists, university and Ayurveda students, and laypeople, visit the forest for practical experience and study. Mr. Kareem is also reproducing and disseminating seeds and saplings of forest trees and medicinal plants in order to transform wastelands into dense forests, which will help to renew the planet.

Thalangara Children's park

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If you’re travelling with children, this is the speed they’ll prefer. This park, about 4 kilometres from Kasargod town, is home to a variety of exotic wildlife, including foxes, water birds, and various snakes.

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