Backwaters, waterfalls and Dam in Kozhikode

Kerala, Kozhikode or Calicut, historically an important spice trade centre, is one of the most famous and healthy rear-water attractions in Kerala. This coastal town on the Malabar Coast features some of the unspoilt and virgin backwaters that are overflowing every year with millions of visitors! The backwaters in Kozhikode are unusual with groovy palm thickets and are connected by channel networks. During these waterways visitors may also observe the rustic charm of rural Keralas, explore, discover, and enjoy. The appeal and the allure of the backwaters in Kozhikode are reinforced by the lovely houseboats that are most popular here, ideal to honeymoon cruises, family holidays, weekend getaways. The sweet river Kallai and Canoli Canal in Calicut make it also a spellback trips in Kerala, which are pleasant and adventurous.

Kozhippara Falls

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This is a beautiful panoramic place in Malappuram’s highlands. The location, which sits near Kozhippara, is shrouded in mist throughout the day. The picturesque Kozhippara waterfalls, located in the lush green surroundings of Kozhikode, are a wonderful destination for trekking and swimming in Kerala. It is one of the best waterfalls in the world, with plenty of opportunities for adventurers who want to explore this magnificent location. This location is bordered by deep forests and rocky terrain, making it perfect for hiking and rock climbing. A huge number of people come to this exotic waterfall to appreciate the beautiful jungle setting and to relax in the midst of a peaceful forest.

Thusharagiri Fall

backwaters in kozhikode, places to visit in kerala,thusharagiri falls

Thusharagiri Falls is surrounded by natural splendour and provides numerous opportunities for trekking, rock climbing, and wildlife viewing. A great number of people, particularly environment lovers and wildlife aficionados, flock to this beautiful waterfall to take in the diverse life of the lush evergreen forests that surround it. They frequently see magnificent birds and animals along the river walk. Rubber, arecanut, pepper, ginger, and spices are among the plantations that thrive here. It provides trekkers with numerous opportunity to explore the pristine forests and see what is hidden within them. It’s always a treat to visit Thusharagiri Fall, which is surrounded by tranquil beauty and lush foliage and is especially beautiful during the monsoon season. Visit this location between September and December to enjoy a thrilling and captivating sight of the fall against the backdrop of the Western Ghats. It is unquestionably the perfect time to visit Kozhikode for a relaxing and refreshing vacation.


backwaters in kozhikode, elathur, places to visit in kerala

Elathur is a lovely little village with calm surroundings, surrounded on one side by a lake and on the other by a river. The venue is also a seafood lover’s dream, as you’ll be offered some of the freshest seafood, fresh-water fish, and toddy to round out your beach experience.

Peruvannamuzhi Dam

backwaters in kozhikode, peruvannamuzhi dam, places to visit in kerala

Peruvannamuzhi Dam, located 57 kilometres from Kozhikode Railway Station, is a lovely picnic site surrounded by hills with amazing natural beauty. The reservoir supplies Kozhikode, Quilandy, and Vadakara with drinking water. Peruvannamuzhi Dam is a lovely picnic location in the serene and peaceful Western Ghats, which is regarded as a significant reserve for Indian wildlife and spice plantations. Over 90 kinds of birds have been reported in this area, making it a birder’s paradise. Crocodile farming is also practised on a considerable scale in Pervannamuzhi, thanks to the excellent natural surroundings. Tourists flock to this destination because of its abundance of natural attractions.

Canoli Canal

backwaters in kozhikode, canoli canal, places to visit in Kerala

Canoli, sometimes known as Conolly, is a canal system on Kerala’s west coast that passes through Kozhikode. In the 18th century, H.V. Conolly, the collector of Malabar, developed this canal in British India. The rivers Kallai and Korapuzha were joined when the canal was built. Canoli Canal is 20-65 feet wide and is stone-lined on both sides. Calicut’s canolly / canoli canal is not only a great spot to go sightseeing, but it also allows you to engage in some self-indulgence. So, check out the canolly / canoli canal tourist attraction for all of the attractions it has to offer, and come here on weekends for a relaxing time.

Kallai river

backwaters in kozhikode, kallai river, places to visit in Kerala

Kallai or Kallayi River is a renowned river in Kerala that originates in the Western Ghats. It rises to a height of 148 feet and flows for 40 kilometres through the Cherukulathur, Kovur, and Olavanna regions before meeting with the Laccadive Sea. On the banks of the river, Kallai is the heart of the timber trade. Despite its tiny size, the Kallai is one of the most important rivers in the state in terms of commerce. On its banks is Kallai, a major centre of the timber trade. The Kallai River is a popular boating destination. Kadalundi is a wonderful location with its wonderful bird sanctuary. The Kallai River has been featured in a number of works.

Mananchira Lake

backwaters in kozhikode, places to visit in Kerala, mananchira lake

Mananchira Lake is a freshwater man-made lake in the centre of Kozhikode, Kerala, covering 3.49 acres. The lake, which is supplied by a natural spring, was formerly the bathing pool of monarch Zamorin Mana Vikrama in the 14th century. The lake, which was originally known as Mana-vedan Chira pond but later changed its name to Mana-an-Chira, was named after Manadevan Samoothiri, the former monarch of the Kozhikode Kingdom. The lake was therefore declared only for drinking purposes by Calicut’s municipal in the 19th century, and bathing, washing, and other similar activities were outlawed.


backwaters in kozhikode, kakkayam, places to visit in Kerala

Kakkayam is a beautiful dam location near Kozhikode known for its hiking routes and boating opportunities. This lesser-known location offers the chance to explore some beautiful paths that are strewn around the area. Because to its beautiful beauty and abundance of outdoor activities, it is a popular picnic place in the Kozhikode area. The tiny size of the dam is more than compensated for by the little waterfalls that surround it. Take a look at the various animals and birds that call the area home. Alternatively, you can take a boat ride around the dam to witness the little waterfalls and deep trees that surround it. Move about and take in the scenery of the dam’s surrounding hills.

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