Kasaragod beach, bekal beach, places to visit in kerala

Kasaragod Beach

The light glinting off the ocean evokes images of skipping rocks on a calm sea. As the chilly waves lapped against the sand, the sky was tinted pink and purple. Stunningly magnificent, jaw-droppingly beautiful, and the most lovely orange and pink sherbet coloured sky. Make the environment more beautiful. There is no limit to how …

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beaches in thrissur, snehatheeram beach

Beaches in Thrissur

Locals were the only ones who visited the beaches of Thrissur. That has changed, and beaches like Nattika are now well-known in the vacation community. New beach resorts have sprung up along the shore, some of which have surpassed expectations and captured hearts from far away. The beaches of Nattika, Vadanapally, and Chavakkad were always …

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beaches in Ernakulam, fortkochi beach

Beach in Ernakulam

You can discover numerous sites other than the city which is also rich with tourist attractions if you decide on a vacation to Ernakulam. Beaches are one of the most popular places where we go to unwind. Some of the top beaches in Ernakulam make your trip memorable and enjoy a wonderful time away from …

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beaches in kollam, azheekal beach

Beaches in Kollam

A beach is a long, narrow strip of land that runs along the edge of an ocean or a lake. There are many best beaches in Kollam. Some of them are here. Thirumullavaram Beach Thirumullavaram Beach is 6 kilometres north of Kollam in the Indian state of Kerala. It has a wonderful picnic area and …

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beaches in trivandrum, hawa beach

Beaches in Trivandrum

This district has a number of beaches. The beaches’ broad stretches of white sand and the quiet ambience away from the city’s crowds provide all the ingredients for relaxation and a great evening. Some of the beaches in Trivandrum are here. Kovalam Beach It’s a lovely beach surrounded by luscious coconut palms and supported by sharply …

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