pilgrims in kasaragod, places to visit in kerala

Pilgrims in Kasaragod

Kasargod residents preserve their traditional culture and history. Tourists are drawn to the city’s timeless attractiveness, architectural marvels such as temples, mosques, and churches, and unique folk art. To make the location sacrosanct, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians are working together in harmony and see there culture to visit pilgrims in kasaragod. Ananthapura Lake temple For …

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kasaragod fort, places to visit in kerala

Kasaragod Fort

The number of forts and palaces found in Kerala demonstrates the state’s rich historical legacy. Kerala boasts a variety of forts and palaces because it has been ruled by various dynasties and emperors. We’ll tell you about the numerous gorgeous palaces and Kasaragod fort right here. Maipady Palace This majestic structure is located on the …

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Kasaragod beach, bekal beach, places to visit in kerala

Kasaragod Beach

The light glinting off the ocean evokes images of skipping rocks on a calm sea. As the chilly waves lapped against the sand, the sky was tinted pink and purple. Stunningly magnificent, jaw-droppingly beautiful, and the most lovely orange and pink sherbet coloured sky. Make the environment more beautiful. There is no limit to how …

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Backwaters in Kasaragod, places to visit in kerala

Backwaters in Kasaragod

Backwaters in Kasaragod excursions allow you to explore a lush area surrounded by four small islands and a shimmering river. The image of these river patches merging into the peaceful backwaters is captivating. Kasargod, also known as the “Land of Seven Languages and Cultures,” is known for its backwaters, which include verdant stretches, tranquil canals, …

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wildlife sanctuary in kasaragod, places to visit in kerala

Wildlife Sanctuary in Kasaragod

Kasargode’s district is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, which is protected at Kasargod’s natural reserves. These wildlife preserves are visited by a huge number of naturalists each year. The following are some of the most well-known wildlife sanctuary in Kasaragod: Ranipuram Wildlife sanctuary Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary, located on the Kerala-Karnataka border, …

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