parks in trivandrum, playaza

Parks in Trivandrum

There is no enjoyment that compares to spending time with your family and friends. No matter how tough it is to organise a vacation with them, once the trip is booked, you know you’ll have a great time with them. Among the many fun and entertainment alternatives available, visiting theme parks is one that will …

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beaches in trivandrum, hawa beach

Beaches in Trivandrum

This district has a number of beaches. The beaches’ broad stretches of white sand and the quiet ambience away from the city’s crowds provide all the ingredients for relaxation and a great evening. Some of the beaches in Trivandrum are here. Kovalam Beach It’s a lovely beach surrounded by luscious coconut palms and supported by sharply …

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museum in trivandrum

Trivandrum Museums

A museum is a place where artefacts and other things of aesthetic, cultural, historical, or scientific significance are cared for (conserved). Some of the best museums in Trivandrum are here. Natural History Museum Thiruvananthapuram Natural History Museum is a scientific institution that houses an extensive collection of current and historical animal, plant, geology, palaeontology, and …

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